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Hercules and Molly – babies born 5/24/2021- With their new homes ❤

Hercules and Athena – babies born 8/16/2021 -with their new homes ❤

Hercules and Athena Babies born 5/24/2022- Accepting applicants

About us:

We the breeder behind Sunshine State de Bordeaux located in Lakewood Ranch, FL. We offer top-quality Dogue de Bordeaux puppies with a focus on health, form, and function. We believe quality is more important than quantity. Our focus is on maintaining the Dogue de Bordeaux standard by raising structurally sound pups with excellent temperaments and great health. We take great pride in our pups.

How to get a pup:

We are always accepting Puppy inquires from this site. Contact us for more information.

What makes your breeding program special?

We are small-scale breeders, allowing us to give each of our puppies, dogs, and breedings the proper care and attention they each deserve. I am dedicated to providing happy, healthy, and well-socialized pups for others to welcome into their family. We love our pups and treat them like family until the meet their new forever families. We know you will love them, too!

About the Breed

The most ancient of French dog breeds, the Dogue de Bordeaux (“Mastiff of Bordeaux”) was around even before France was France. These brawny fawn-coated guardians of considerable courage are famously loyal, affectionate, and protective.

The Dogue de Bordeaux is an immensely powerful mastiff-type guardian. Males can go 27 inches high and 110 pounds. The short, eye-catching coat is a richly colored fawn. The massive head features a Bulldog-like undershot jaw, expressive eyes, and a deeply furrowed brow. It is, proportionately, the largest head in the canine kingdom. The body is stocky and close to the ground, but Dogues can move like lions when duty calls.

DDBs of proper temperament are sweet and sensitive souls. Owners appreciate their breed’s loyalty to loved ones of all ages, but also say DDBs can be stubborn and will dominate those who fail to apply firm training in puppyhood. When acquiring such a strapping super-dog, finding a responsible breeder is key.



Hercules Hooch Huffman


Dynasty’s Athena

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